SERTO clamping ring fittings

SERTO unions are one to two spanner sizes smaller than competitors due to their compact design. Thanks to the radial system, they can be easily installed and removed without having to move, bend or dismantle tubes. This saves you costs, space and time.

SERTO offers a very comprehensive range of clamping ring fittings in various materials and geometric shapes and a unique connection principle: the components seal over flat, metallic surfaces. This means that components which are integrated into a tube system can be removed radially from the system, an advantage when you have tight spaces. You save about 30 % of the costs for assembly/disassembly.

Another advantage of SERTO: you can combine the components as in a modular system. Important basic elements of the standard range are straight and male adaptor unions, elbows, bulkhead and banjo unions as well as L-, T and cross unions. Together with connecting parts from SERTO, countless individual solutions are created which are metal-tight, very compact and immediately available.

Due to the connection using flat surfaces instead of cones, SERTO tubing does not extend into the body of the union. As a result, the body can be one to two spanner sizes smaller than with a conical union. If the body is smaller, so are the nuts. These few millimetres saved make a big difference. You can install more tubes next to each other in the same installation space.

Our unions are available in various designs and in the materials stainless steel, steel, aluminium, brass, PVDF and PA. So you will find the ideal fitting for each application.

In addition to the range of unions, we also offer you a large selection of valves and quick couplings, supplemented by accessories such as tube clamps, tubes and hoses, etc.

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