SCIEX BioPhase 8800: Capillary electrophoresis system

Innovated from the ground up, the SCIEX BioPhase 8800 helps biopharmaceutical labs take charge of their development pipelines. Scientists can now assess molecular liabilities more quickly, allowing rapid developability assessment.

The SCIEX BioPhase 8800 is a multi-capillary electrophoresis system that enables biopharma scientists to run multiple samples in parallel, accelerating the development and execution of sensitive, high-throughput analytical methods. The increased throughput and reproducibility of the system minimizes bottlenecks in the drug development pipeline, helping shorten time to market.


Existing approaches to detect and characterize changes during development of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), next-generation therapeutics, and gene therapies are challenged to deliver the detailed information you need, in the time you need it.

The SCIEX BioPhase 8800 system facilitates parallel processing of eight samples simultaneously, while retaining the capability to deliver sensitive CE-SDS, and CIEF analysis enabling uncompromised accuracy for large sample sets and faster time to answers.


On our website you can also find and watch the video to the SCIEX BioPhase 8800 multi-capillary electrophoresis system.

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