RFID sample tracking and digital logbooks

With the RFID technology, you can automate the tracking of your samples and ensure that storage conditions are met while increasing your productivity. SolSample, the solution you need.

What is it?

SolSample is a digital sample tracking solution using RFID technology that can be used either as a stand-alone solution or integrated into existing systems such as MES or LIMS.

Why use RFID?

In addition to being an affordable solution, the RFID tag does not need to be visible to be read, which facilitates the tracking of samples and opens up new horizons: mass reading (81 samples in 20 seconds), automation of transfers and verifications (cold chain, storage condition) and quick inventory of locations.

How does it work?

SolSample has been designed to meet the high demands of the biotech, pharma and FMCG industries, in terms of security, regulations and processes. The solution consists of a mobile application for field workers (sample transfer, inventories) and a back-office application that provides an overview and makes information available at a click: a digital logbook. Alerts and reporting functions allow a better control of the activity and quick reactions to gain efficiency, increase productivity and make the work lab safer and more productive.

What can I expect?       

  • Increase productivity: save time during production and audits
  • Better compliance: global traceability, respect cold chain and storage conditions
  • Safer data management: reduced risk of error and losses
  • Finer operation management: real time and verification of information, global view
  • Improved processes: automation of data capture, information exchange              


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