Research within Chemistry and Bioanalytics

At the FHNW School of Life Sciences (HLS) the fields of research within chemistry and bioanalytics are interdisciplinary and are found at the interface between chemistry, biology, medicine and pharmacy.

In the chemistry specialism, we produce and characterise new substances and materials using modern methods from synthetic chemistry, analytics, process engineering, surface and nanotechnology. In the bioanalytics specialism, we develop simple diagnostic testing systems that can be used by the patients themselves. We have access to all the necessary molecular biology, protein biochemistry and cell culture technologies to help us. For the development of drugs, we establish in vitro tests and new cellular 3D testing systems that simulate how organs work and can partially replace animal testing.

Our team-based organisational structure is largely based on independent research groups with a high degree of autonomy. Our staff have many years of industry experience which they channel into their teaching as well as their research.

For further information please visit our website.

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