Refrigeration / Heating

For the area of refrigeration/heating, you will find an extensive range of thermostats, climate chambers, freezers, material test chambers, temperature monitoring devices and freezing containers, and much more. We will be happy to advise you on which device will fully meet your requirements.

Our extensive range of thermostats from the leading manufacturer LAUDA includes bath, circulation and Peltier thermostats. For each of your requirements, we will find the perfect temperature control solution for you.

Environmental simulations of all kinds can be carried out in Binder's material test chambers. The climate chambers of the CLIMACELL® EVO series from MMM enable precise and reproducible simulation of various climate conditions. For ultra-low temperature cooling, we offer chests and cabinets from LAUDA, Froilabo, Binder and New Brunswick Scientific in all desired sizes and temperature ranges. For temperature monitoring via radio network, we have the devices from JRI in our range. If you are looking for a freezer container, we are sure to have the right one for you, our Worthington range extends from dry shipping containers to high-capacity freezer containers for long-term archiving.


Highlight from MMM Medcenter

Laboratory incubators INCUCELL series

The high-tech INCUCELL® systems for incubation, heating and cooling are particularly suitable for the safe processing of microbiological cultures and are characterised by silent operation and gentle air flow in the usable space. 

  • Usable volume 22 to 1212 litres
  • Temperature range: 5 °C above room temperature up to 100 °C
  • Inner glass door available
  • Natural forced circulation in the chamber

Further information on the INCUCELL laboratory incubators


Only recently in our range: High quality freezers from Froilabo

Freezers and ultra-low temperature freezers from the European company Froilabo- are ideal for storing vaccine doses and other biological samples. We offer these freezers at very interesting prices. They are available in two models:

TRUST ideal for long-term storage

EVOLUTION ideal for daily use with frequent door opening 

  • Sophisticated appliances thanks to 100 years of experience and know-how
  • Smallest external dimensions - e.g. model 690 L is less wide than the standard door width of 90 cm 
  • Safe and convenient to use thanks to pull-out and tilt-proof shelves
  • Minimal frost formation due to flat heated door seal and flatness of the door

Learn more about Froilabo freezers!

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