Real-time Live Cell Imaging with the CELLCYTE X

To leverage the power of continuity and address the most-pressing challenges in cell biology, we have developed the CELLCYTE X™, a high-throughput live cell imaging system centered around efficiency, affordability and convenience.

Cell biologists often run experiments using end-point assays, forcing them to draw conclusions about cellular behavior using a single time point. Instead, with a live cell imaging system hosted within the incubator, researchers are able to rewind and replay images acquired from multiple time points to better follow the sequence of biological events and get a comprehensive picture of cell kinetics.

Maximize efficiency, save time, uncover highly reproducible data:

  • Easy setup
  • Monitor cell behavior in real time
  • Comprehensive analysis setup
  • Immediate data visualization

Acquire and analyze thousands of images with just one click

With CELLCYTE Studio, researchers are met with a comprehensive overview of all the images acquired at every single time point, allowing a quick assessment of various experimental conditions and results.

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