PuraLev® Low Shear Single-Use Pump Systems for Bioprocessing

Levitronix® PuraLev® Single-Use pump systems are designed for demanding fluid applications in bioprocessing where extremely low shear, pulsation-free, and continuously controlled flow ensure the highest product yield. Learn more in the video.


Levitronix® PuraLev® pumps are used in demanding bioprocessing applications. Based on active magnetic levitation, the pump impeller is suspended and driven by the magnetic field of the motor. The wide gap ensures that no cells or proteins are damaged, making Levitronix® the most gentle pump. Also, there is no wear and therefore no particle generation.
PuraLev® pumps are intrinsically safe as in the case of deadhead there is no pressure build up. A high turndown ratio enables a very wide flow range. All pulsation-free. Additionally, as there is no wear, PuraLev® pumps are ideal for continuous processing. An easy and safe exchange of the disposable pump head saves time. And the footprint is significantly smaller than conventional pump systems.

From media preparation to purification, from lab to production scale, PuraLev® pumps will help improve your yield!

Levitronix® – Better pumps for better yield!

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