Process Technology Center

Innovation and practical implementation are the focus of applied research & development at the FHNW School of Life Sciences. The new Process Technology Center offers research & industry partners the ideal platform for scaling up processes developed in the laboratory before broad implementation.

The focus is both on process and equipment engineering optimisation and on adapting, or designing completely new settings for process parameters. In addition, product samples can be manufactured in the PTC with the appropriate quantity, quality and dosage form.

From (bio)pharmaceuticals and (bio)chemistry to environmental and natural product technology - in all fields, the PTC offers the same process systems used in industry. In addition, equipment is embedded in the appropriate environment, such as a clean room and Ex-zone for solvents. All the processes required to carry out a new procedure, from preparation to finished product, can be modelled and run in the PTC. Our highly specialised staff provide expert support.

Due to the high installation density of state-of-the-art measurement and control technology, all relevant process parameters can be recorded, visualised and analysed. This allows process evaluation in the context of the expected result; the quality and quantity of the data enable robust, model-based development and optimisation (Data Science).

The process technology of the PTC and Data Science are used to evaluate the practical feasibility of new ideas and innovative processes. Pilot studies are indispensable for this. The PTC has achieved the nine-stage technology readiness level (TRL) requirements for TRL 5-7. For selected processes, even TRL 8 and 9 can be implemented. The TRL classification comprises nine classes (source: NASA 1988): TRL 1 stands for description of the function principle, TRL 4 for a test set-up in the laboratory, TRL 9 for a qualified system with proof of successful use. Industry, research institutions and funding programmes are increasingly using this classification.

The PTC thus offers unique research and development opportunities which very closely match the requirements of the industrial environment.

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