Process control for laboratory, scale-up and pilot

Efficiency, safety and reproducibility through recipe control. The modular software platform for all automation needs from laboratory to small batch production.


FlexySys — simplicity and flexibility through structured functions

Simplicity: Thanks to intuitive functions, experiments can be carried out safely and without extensive training.

Flexibility: Thanks to a wide range of standardized functions, we can offer you a solution tailored to your own process, so that you can conduct your work as efficiently as possible. Existing equipment can also be integrated into the software. This way, you not only save money, but also increase the system’s availability.

Efficiency, safety and reproducibility thanks to recipe control

Using recipes, sub-processes such as inerting or even complete experiments can be carried out reproducibly and efficiently, even without supervision. Maximum flexibility is guaranteed by the combination of manual interventions, fully automatic recipe operation and the “edit on the fly” function. Alongside all the necessary safety limits, which the system immediately regulates into the previously defined safety state, a variety of process limits can also be defined. These include, for example, the maximum permissible temperature rise during dosing.

Customer-specific adjustments

The software can be tailored to a large number of different processes. For example, distillations, filtrations or pressure controls can be automated via the software using standardized functions, while reaction energies can be measured (calorimetry) or analysis devices such as turbidity measurements and particle size analyzers can be implemented. 

Customer-specific turnkey solutions, combined with services in the field of plant design and plant qualification in the GMP environment (IQ/OQ), protect your investments, thanks to the modular way that they can be adapted.

Data management and eJournal

During an experiment, all the events and data are recorded automatically. This also applies for any integrated analytical instrument. In addition, all the data along the workflow, such as the numbers of manual weighings of solids or the batch numbers of educts, can be managed via the software. All the data and information is compiled in Word format in an automatically generated e-journal, which can then be centrally archived in higher-level data management programs (ELN or LIMS) using the “CollectX” add-on. This way, the traceability of all the experiment related data is ensured and data analysis is also guaranteed across departments. 





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