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Our product range extends from sterile disposables to colony counters and highly specific bio-reagents. We distribute products from the following manufacturers: Charm, Baker Ruskinn, Binder, FUJIFILM WAKO, Interscience, IUL, JRI, Labrobot, MMM Medcenter, LAUDA, Sterilin among others.

Highlights from the Food Science / Life Science range


Automatic colony counter SphereFlash® from IUL

The Sphere Flash® colony counter meets all the requirements of a modern microbiology laboratory. The new patented "sphere" completely closes off the area where counting takes place and prevents any optical interference from outside or inside. Thanks to the uniform reflection-free illumination, disturbing light artefacts are finally a thing of the past. The CFR21 Part 11 compatible software of the Sphere Flash® is LIMS compatible, controls the different levels of user access and stores a detailed audit trail. 

Watch the video of the SphereFlash colony counter!

For more information on the SphereFlash colony counter, click here.


QuickGene nucleic acid isolation system from FUJIFILM WAKO

QuickGene uses a patented porous membrane for low-pressure nucleic acid extraction with high yield and purity.

The QuickGene product line is available in semi-automated to fully automated systems, allowing them to be selected according to customer needs. The systems enable fast and easy isolation of nucleic acids from a variety of samples, including whole blood / tissue / cells / plants / viruses and others, as well as from different sample volumes. 


Learn more about the QuickGene Nucleic Acid Isolation System !

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