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Osmometers from Advanced Instruments for the pharmaceutical and biotech sector

Advanced Instruments osmometers offer unmatched quality and reliability. All TECH-line products are compliant with EU/US/CN/JP Pharmacopeia, as well as 21 CFR Part 11 and therefore designed for the pharmaceutical and biotech sector.

OsmoTECH - Single sample osmometer 

Your biotech production needs precision? OsmoTECH delivers it!

The bioproduction process is demanding. Timing is critical and there are many inherent risk factors, such as human error, that impact your biological product development process. Every stage of the development process is critical, and you need to be sure that your therapeutic meets specifications. This is where you can rely on the OsmoTECH osmometer.

What else makes OsmoTECH stand out?

  • Easy operation, touch screen
  • Integrated BC scanner
  • 20┬Ál sample volume
  • Automatic DB backup
  • Data export to network drive
  • LDAP Active directory


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OsmoTECH XT - Single sample osmometer 

The new OsmoTECH XT osmometer offers an increased measuring range and increased measurability.

What else does OsmoTECH XT offer?

  • Identical in construction to the OsmoTECH
  • Test range: 0 - 4000 mOsm/Kg H2O
  • Testing of highly viscous samples
  • Testing of high protein solutions
  • Simple operation, touch screen


More information about the OsmoTECH XT 

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OsmoTECH PRO - semi-automatic osmometer

The latest generation of multi-sample micro-osmometers with 20 sample positions. OsmoTECH PRO, because an optimised bioprocess is non-negotiable.


What makes the OsmoTECH PRO special?

  • Sample tray with 20 positions
  • Integrated BC Scanner
  • Automatic DB backup
  • Easy operation, touch screen
  • Data export to network drive
  • LDAP Active directory


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