NanoDrop Eight Microvolume UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

The new Thermo Scientific NanoDrop Eight spectrophotometer enables users to quantify eight microvolume samples at a time whilst identifying and correcting for common contaminants.

Next generation 8 sample microvolume spectrophotometer with advanced contaminant ID features:

  • 8 pedestal array for measurements of up to 8 samples in 20 seconds
  • Autoranging pedestal pathlengths for measuring undiluted samples
  • Acclaro Sample Intelligence technology: Warning when a purity ratio is out of tolerance, identifiying sample contaminants in dsDNA, RNA, and Protein A280. Differentiates between mammalian dsDNA and RNA within the dsDNA and RNA applications
  • Designed to allow the top LIMs software products to easily import and store measurement data

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