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Microbiomics Made Simple

Standardizing Microbiomics – Removing Bias in Collection, Purification and Analyses. Zymo Research has the goal to provide researchers the best tools for microbiome measurement to ensure standardized microbiomic workflows.

Although the field of microbiomics has been developing rapidly in recent years, there is still a lack of standardization and reproducibility of data in different labs. To address the fundamental challenges, Zymo Research is leading the development of new microbiome-grade tools for this field. These include the first commercially available microbiome reference materials, the first DNA extraction kit designed to ensure non-biased cell lysis, and the first cold-free and unbiased method to preserve microbial samples. 
 Zymo Research’s goal is to eliminate bias across microbiomics workflows and provide a complete pipeline, from collection to analysis, to improve reproducibility of data across labs.