Membranes for particle anaylsis and sample preparation

For customized areas of application, i3 Membrane produces specially coated track-etched filters made of various polymer compounds of different pore sizes, diameters and coating thicknesses. Aluminum oxide membranes provide rapid filtration while delivering efficient separation.

Contamination of solid materials, as well as of liquid and gaseous media, is forcing laboratory professionals to face ever more difficult challenges.

A basic requirement in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and chemical agents, for example, is that the product is free of nanoparticles and microstructures. This makes constant monitoring essential.

i3 Membrane meets the highest standards in particle analysis. Ultra-thin metal finishes made of gold, titanium and other precious metals are applied to high-quality polymer membranes to enable electrical conductivity of the membranes' surfaces. These deliver optimal reflection properties with the Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) microscope and the Raman spectroscope. They also build a suitable conductive substrate for imaging with a scanning electron microscope (EDX/WDX). This makes the standardized membranes ideal for use in asbestos analysis, particle analysis of solid and liquid materials in the pharmaceuticals, chemical and automotive industries, as well as in sample preparation (for HPLC and other methods).

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