Making your daily laboratory routine easier

Everything from a single source - We offer everything to make your daily laboratory routine easier. The assortment ranges from osmometers, balances, density meters, refractometers, calorimeters, viscosity meters, tensiometers, spectrometers, ultrasonic baths to laboratory pumps and much more.

For laboratory analysis we offer Precisa laboratory balances, Advanced Instruments osmometers, Krüss density meters and refractometers, IKA calorimeters, viscosity meters and tensiometers from LAUDA Scientific, Extrel mass spectrometers, tec5 UV-VIS-NIR, Raman and LIBS spectrometer systems, Bandelin ultrasonic baths, Teledyne Isco laboratory pumps, Precisa ashers, CEM microwave digestion equipment, water samplers and flow meters from Teledyne Isco Water, Precisa moisture meters and colour meters from Lovibond and Elcometer, and much more. We also represent the company 3T analytik, which develops and distributes laboratory instruments for the "label-free" research of molecular interactions and electrochemical phenomena on the basis of oscillating quartz sensors (QCM).

Highlights from the Laboratory / Analytics range


Osmometers from Advanced Instruments for the pharmaceutical and biotech sector

The osmometers from Advanced Instruments offer unmatched quality and reliability. All TECH-line products are compliant with EU/US/CN/JP Pharmacopeia, as well as 21 CFR Part 11 and therefore designed for the pharmaceutical and biotech sector.

Watch the video of the OsmoTECH Osmometer!


Precisa Laboratory Balances Series 520

The Swiss-made 520 series of balances is equipped with the new and unique PHASTbloc™ "Precisa Hybrid Advanced Sensor Technology" weighing technology. This is a world first. As a hybrid, the PHASTbloc™ combines the advantages of a conventional load cell and one in monolithic design. This allows it to be efficiently maintained and repaired rather than replaced - sustainability in practice. Advanced materials, engineering and unique manufacturing methods significantly enhance quality and performance.

Find out more about the Precisa 520 series scales!


New at IGZ: Grabner Instruments 

With the takeover of the Swiss representation of Grabner Instruments, we have expanded our comprehensive range of analytical instruments and can now offer you high-quality flash point and vapour pressure measuring instruments.



Determine the flash point between -25 °C and 400 °C with only 1 ml (ASTM D6450) or 2 ml (ASTM D7094) sample volume. 

  • MINIFLASH FP VISION detects the lowest flash point in sample mixtures and displays the impurity graphically.
  • Easy operation - thanks to intuitive menu navigation. Training is not required.
  • Easy communication with USB, LAN, LIMS and PC.

You have to measure many samples?

No problem, with our autosampler you determine up to 16 samples per hour.

Watch the video Flash point determination with MINIFLASH FP Vision!

More about the product range of Grabner Instruments AG

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