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Discover “Excellence in Science” solutions from our entire portfolio range of chromatography, spectroscopy, sum parameters and spectrometry. Take the great opportunity to discuss with our experts how we can support you to make your lab greener.

Please visit us on our booth B139 in hall 1 where we will present our latest solutions to support you in your daily work and help you make your laboratory more environmentally friendly.

Advanced i-Series – AI for highest productivity

Significantly improves analytical productivity through automation and remote control, resulting in increased efficiency and a reduced risk of human error. With the FlowPilot, mobile phase monitoring, and other functions, engineered by Analytical Intelligence, the system can provide an automated workflow together with remote operation and monitoring from instrument startup to analysis completion.

Nexera UC – NEW SFC technology

Is known as a “green technology” due to the reduced disposal of organic solvents. The Nexera UC series offers maximum flexibility in a space-saving design to offer a reliable, robust, and beneficial alternative to routine (U)HPLC. Using the unique and low-volume Back Pressure Regulator designed for highly stable pressure, the Nexera UC is the right choice to achieve complementary selectivity and better resolution for chiral and structural isomers.

TOC-1000e – Revolution of online TOC

Pioneering system in a very small and light casing with very high sensitivity and low detection limits, reaching 0.1 μg/L, making it perfectly suitable for ultra-pure water measurement. It uses a mercury free excimer lamp with an “Active Path” design to maximize the power of the lamp. Supports regulations in major pharmacopeias and security functions for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

AOC-30 series – NEW automated liquid injector for GC

Small footprint, reduces the operator's workload and allows continuous analysis with a high degree of accuracy. Intelligent Syringe Wash with four different solvents for low carry-over and longer syringe life when used with dirty sample matrixes. Reduced maintenance with Xtra life consumables. Continuous analysis with overlapping function along with the ability to customize cleaning solvent types and cleaning sequences leads to increased efficiency by reducing running costs as well as solvent consumption.

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