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LUMOS II FT-IR Microscope

The LUMOS II is an automated stand-alone FT-IR microscope, excelling in failure and defect analysis, materials research and particle analysis. It is compact, precise and ultra-fast.

More room for your samples. 
More speed in chemical imaging. 
More performance in ATR, transmission and reflection IR microscopy. 

FT-IR microscopy with LUMOS II is not only easier, more accurate and more reliable – it is faster. The system was based on either proven, enhanced, or completely new technologies. However, at the heart of it all are the two ground-breaking TE-MCT and Focal-Plane Array (FPA) detectors. 

LUMOS II provides:

  • High resolution spectral and visual data
  • High IR sensitivity without liquid nitrogen
  • Submicron visual resolution
  • Ultrafast FPA imaging
  • FPA imaging ATR/transmission/reflectance
  • Ease of use through software-supported measurements
  • Easy access to samples and sample chamber
  • Compliance with cGMP and FDA 21 CFR p11
  • Automated OQ/PQ/Pharmacopeia testing
  • All instrument features can be upgraded and retrofitted on user-demand


Technical details:

  • Standard TE-MCT detector
  • Plug & Play: no liquid nitrogen or dry air purge required
  • Up to three detector positions 
  • Optional: FPA imaging detector
  • Optional: LN2-MCT detector
  • Fully motorized and automated hardware
  • New PermaSure+ calibration technology
  • Allows samples up to 40 mm in height
  • Long lifetime of all components (incl. laser)
  • Inert to high humidity (ZnSe Optics)
  • Stand-alone design, small footprint
  • Low power consumption

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