Lipid nanoparticle (LNP) production for mRNA-based vaccines

Interview with Dr. - Ing. Matthias Lübbert and Rizwan Chaudhrey talk about the challenges of LNP (Lipid nanoparticle) production. LNPs have shown that they can form a stable basis for the administration of active ingredients like RNA, mRNA, siRNA, or DNA-based APIs. Learn more about it in the video.


Lipid Nanoparticles (LNP) can be used to encapsulate and protect fragile APIs, such as RNA, mRNA, siRNA, or DNA-based APIs. This methodology is currently being used in the fight against coronavirus, in the form of mRNA vaccines, and KNAUER is proud to be playing an active role in the vaccine production effort. Beyond vaccines this technology has potential in the fields of gene therapy and targetted medicines - in short, LNPs are here to stay. 

Precise dosing is required to ensure encapsulation occurs optimally and this made the scale-up of production difficult. Here our resident Expert Dr. - Ing. Matthias Lübbert and Rizwan Chaudhrey discuss why KNAUER was the perfect choice for vaccine producers and how the scale up challenge was overcome. 

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