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LANEXO™ System

Digitize your lab’s inventory processes and streamline operations by up to 97 % with the LANEXO™ System’s real-time consumables tracking software and smart RFID labels. The LANEXO™ System provides tangible time, cost, and quality advantages for everyone in a lab’s ecosystem.

The LANEXO™ System captures digital data concerning consumables (reagents, standards, samples, and in-house prepared solutions) via RFID labels combined with an intuitive software. This process significantly improves operational efficiency and helps to reduce the time that lab personnel spend on a range of repetitive and error-prone tasks.

  • Enhanced Operational efficiency: Real-time overview of stock levels, tracking location, and monitoring usage of consumables helps experimental planning, improves lab operations, and avoids sunken costs.
  • Reduce Motion Waste: Allows lab personnel to commit their time to more value-added tasks over tedious activities such as manual inventory counts or root cause analysis. Improved operational efficiencies, reduced labor time for staff, and efficient inventory management facilitating overall cost savings.
  • Improved Sustainability: Achieve more sustainable management of chemical stocks based on the ‘first-in/first-out’ principle, resulting in less spoilage and waste of unused or expired consumables.

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