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LabBox® - Lab automation out of the box

Automation in the laboratory is the tool of choice if you want to increase quality and productivity and reduce costs. The LabBox® system is the compact automation system especially for preparative and analytical workstations in the laboratory or pilot plant.

The LabBox® is your entry into the digital laboratory. You can easily automate experiments and processes and gain time for more runs:

  • Connect any sensors and devices
  • Freely configure the user interface
  • Define automated experiments
  • Document or export experiment data
  • Unbeatable price-performance 

Regardless of the process you want to analyze or optimize, simply connect your devices to the LabBox® and start data acquisition, process visualization, automation and reporting.

No experiment is too simple for automation

Whatever you have in mind - with the LabBox® all processes can be measured and controlled accurately:

  • Watch live time histories of measured values
  • Define PID controllers and if-then relationships
  • Monitor experiments remotely (Microsoft Windows® 10 or Android®)
  • Transfer all measured values to other programs

Define batch processes graphically

In the case of repetitive processes, you can easily define batch sequences in graphical mode*.

For many functions, preconfigured routines are already available, for example:

  • Temperature ramps
  • Control dosing unit
  • Control pH-value
  • Distillation

* For more than 4 blocks at the same time, you need the HiBatch™ option.

Operate laboratory equipment via a central interface

The LabBox® makes it easy for you to connect and control everything from one interface:

  • Switch valves
  • Define set points
  • Create control loops and cascades quickly and easily
  • Connect devices and controllers seamlessly

Thanks to the many possible protocols and interfaces of different platforms, you automate your laboratory processes exactly as required. This way, a powerful laboratory automation system is created from many individual elements. Many other devices can be integrated via the network interface of the LabBox®.

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