KNAUER nominated for the Berlin-Brandenburg Innovation Prize

KNAUER are proud to announce that they are one of 10 key nominees for the Berlin-Brandenburg Innovations Prize. The company has been recognized for their Impingement Jets Mixing (IJM) Technology, which can be used for the high-flow production of lipid nanoparticles.

KNAUER are proud to announce that they are one of 10 key nominees for the Berlin-Brandenburg Innovations Prize. 

The efficacy of the mRNA-vaccines used in the fight against coronavirus is dependant on the encapsulation of the fragile mRNA in a lipid-nanoparticle. Pre-pandemic such encapsulation technology only existed on the lab-scale; it was only in response to the pandemic that large-scale encapsulation systems were developed. KNAUER worked alongside two large pharma companies to quickly develop (by Autumn 2020!) a flexible technology for LNP production – their IJM-Skids, where IJM stands for Impingement Jet Mixing. These systems allow for the production of several million vaccine doses per week.  

The applications of mRNA technology go beyond their use in vaccines. Pharma companies such as BioNTech are also working on the development of mRNA therapeutics for a multitude of illnesses including Alzheimer’s Disease, HIV and Malaria. In order for the therapeutics to be effective the mRNA must reach inside the patients’ cells fully intact – this is where encapsulation comes in handy. Because encapsulation is such a crucial step the IJM-Skids of different sizes produced by KNAUER will become an important weapon in the worldwide fight against disease.    

I am pleased that we were able to successfully deliver all our systems for vaccine production on time. It makes our team proud that we are contributing in this way to the fight against COVID-19” Lilit Avagyan, Business Development Manager at KNAUER

KNAUER was visited by the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, on the 10th of September of this year. The joint-CEO and owner of the family business of 160 employees, Alexandra Knauer, greeted her alongside CEO, Carsten Losch. The Press Statement from Chancellor Merkel went as follows:   

"I was very pleased to visit this company today because they are developing the technology of the highest precision, and especially their latest system - after the company has been developing for many decades - something that was desperately needed in the development of the mRNA vaccines, or rather for the production of the mRNA vaccines on a large scale

The Jury of the Innovation Prize Berlin-Brandenburg, led by the President of Potsdam University, Prof. Oliver Günther, had the task of selecting the 10 best innovations from the capital city region from 168 applications. 

The awards cermony, at which the winner from the 10 nominees will be announced, will take place on the 26th of November 2021. 

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