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KEL-FA – The new generation of tool-free cable entry

KEL-FA split multi cable entry frames for cables with connectors, tool-free assembly. The KEL-FA range is a compact system to route and seal pre-terminated cables as well as conduits or pneumatic hoses utilising KT series grommets.

The handling is very easy: After the frame has been assembled with KT type grommets and cables, the cover lid is put on and the two clamping levers are locked with the lower part by pressing them down. A two-stage clamping lever is used here. In a first stage, the components are brought together and the grommets are positioned precisely. The second stage ensures the optimal pressure and a secure locking. This eliminates the need to screw the cover lid to the frame. The twist-proof construction of the KEL-FA enables an intuitive assembly. Retrofits, repairs and maintenance can always be done quickly and easily. The warranty on pre-terminated cables remains. The mounting height of the cable entry frames is a narrow 22 mm.

Another advantage is the integrated gasket on the backside, which ensures a clean sealing between the KEL-FA cable entry frame and the wall.

A high strain relief on the cable is possible when using icotek KT single grommets (KT1 to KTs17). With the use of multi-hole grommets, a very high cable density (up to 40 lines through one frame) can be achieved. In combination with the IMAS-CONNECT ™ adapter system from icotek, the KEL-FA becomes an all-rounder and almost unlimited in its fields of application.

The KEL-FA consists of polyamide and is free of silicone and halogen. The new cable entry frame achieves ingress protection IP54, certification for UL Type 12 (acc. to UL 50E) is in progress. The operating temperature range is -40 ° C to + 140 ° C (static).

Samples, certificates and further information are available directly from the manufacturer.