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Innovations in temperature monitoring from JRI

JRI revolutionizes temperature monitoring with NanoSpy, LoRa SPY, and the Verigo temperature monitoring system! In this article, you will find out how these three devices make your everyday work easier.

Nano Wireless SPY 2.4 GHz Temperature Monitoring

The new NanoSpy temperature monitoring system consists of temperature sensors, a LINK module, and web-based software with a data cloud. If needed, the software and data can also be installed on your local server. Nano SPY sensors measure temperature, humidity, or other parameters via a 4-20 mA transmitter. Communication is via WIFI at 2.4 GH with a proprietary protocol with a link module in your computer network (Ethernet, POE, or WIFI).  Nano Spy has an internal memory of 10'000 measurement points to avoid data loss.

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LoRa SPY, wireless temperature monitoring via LoRa network

The new temperature monitoring system Lora Spy consists of temperature sensors and a private Low Power Wide Area (LoRa) network or the public (LoRa) network from Swisscom as well as web-based software with cloud-hosted data. LoRa SPY sensors measure the temperature or other parameters, save up to 10,000 data points and send them to the secure cloud and the MySirius web application from JRI via the LoRa network.

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Temperature monitoring with Verigo sensors and your smart phone

The new Verigo system for temperature monitoring consists of temperature sensors (POD), your smartphone or tablet, and a free app. The POD sensors measure the temperature, save up to 10,000 individual data points and send them to your smartphone where you can see the current status of your devices, set or acknowledge alarms.

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