Hoses and Connections

The pharmaceutical world is very strict. Therefore, it is important that all materials are of impeccable quality. At Aseptconn, we have developed flexible hoses and hygienic hose fittings to meet the requirements of this sector.


All our hoses and hygienische Hose Connections have certifications that we provide upon delivery.


We have a wide range of hoses with different characteristics: 

  • Material Inliner
  • Inner Ø (mm)
  • Recommended working pressure at 20°C (bar)
  • Temperature range (°C)
  • Vacuum resistant (yes/no) 
  • ATEX (yes/no) 


Hygienic hose connections

Our reusable fittings have several advantages:

  • Connections: Tri-clamp, weld or other custom connections to ISO, DIN and BS / ASME BPE standards.
  • Quick and clean assembly
  • On-site assembly in the production area
  • Reduced intervention time in production areas
  • Reusable and compatible with all existing connections
  • Compatible with aseptcor or silicone tubing only


In the picture gallery above you can see the range of products we sell for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sector. We offer all our customers the possibility in training them in the best use of the products.


If you have any question, please contact us.

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