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High-precision dosing up to 90 bar

The SyrDos™ CKP is available in two valve variants. A low-pressure valve with a test pressure of 30 bar and a high-pressure valve with a test pressure of 90 bar.

The SyrDos™ CKP pump enables significantly higher conveying pressures thanks to a more powerful drive. Due to the positive displacement principle, highest precision is possible with low pulsation even in a wide flow rate range. In addition, unmatched media resistance is realized by our new syringes.

Higher pressure ranges
up to 90 bar

Flow rates
1.56 µl/min to 156.25 ml/min

Chemical resistance
Wetted parts made of PTFE, PCTFE and borosilicate glass¹


Typical applications

  • conveying of the most common solvents
  • volumetric dosing
  • pH control, also with highly concentrated acids
  • Microfluidic applications
  • readjustment of electrolyte concentrations in electrochemical processes
  • and many more

Compatible with existing models

For the first time, our newly developed CKP syringes are pressed together using screw connection instead of gluing. This means that there are no adhesive surfaces that can be attacked by chemicals. Our development department has combined the advantages of higher pressure stability with better chemical resistance for you. The compatibility of the new syringes, which are available in sizes up to 2.5 ml, is also maintained with existing models. 


¹ Above 30 bar additionally Al2O3, Peek and carbon reinforced PTFE or UHMWPE

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