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High Fidelity sequencing with long reads

We recently acquired the Pacbio Sequel IIe technology: we are the first private provider in Europe to offer HiFi-mediated sequencing services with >99.9% accuracy. We are very happy to see you at our booth B46.

Genesupport SA is the 1st private service provider in Europe to offer PacBio sequencing in a certified environment. Several protocols are available: 

Resequencing and variant detection:

The variant detection protocol allows to detect and characterize all the diverse types of genomic variants presented in the genome of interest. Thanks to the HiFi long reads and an accuracy > 99.9%, this pipeline allows to identify and to recall precisely for Single Nucleotide Variant (SNV), insertion/deletion (indels) or inversions, structural variants (SVs), copy number variants (CNVs), including repetitive regions. The HiFi Variant detection protocol is a suitable pipeline to boost the knowledge between genetics and phenotypes of interests, by unveiling unknown genes and causative variants.


The ISO-seq method allows comprehensive view of the splicing events form eukaryote transcriptome (only poly-A RNA is targeted) with preservation of native molecule and the stranded mRNA information. 

The ISO-seq method is recommended to discover novel genes and isoforms, to improve genome annotation, with or without a reference genome, to increase the accuracy of RNA-seq quantification at isoform-level resolution.

De novo: 

The De novo Human/Plant/Animal assembly is a genomic Whole Genome Sequencing library preparation recommended for building and assembling the reference of an organism whose genome is unknown or not fully characterized. The long reads technology is a powerful tool to access information of challenging and undisclosed genomic region, to gather information of complex genomes or to build the reference of a particular individual of a specific population.

More protocols are available!
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