Glass fiber filters with and without a binder

From the company Hahnemühle we offer various glass fiber filters with and without binders for a wide variety of applications. The glass fiber filters are recommended for controlling air and water pollution.

Our glass fiber filters have the following properties:

  • Made of 100% micro-borosilicate glass fibers
  • Chemically stable in acidic solutions (except hydrofluoric acid) and alkaline solutions in moderate concentrations
  • Extremely low content of metals
  • Maintains all properties up to 500 °C
  • High flow rate and high air permeability

Note on use and weight constancy: No relevant changes in weight due to variations in the ambient humidity. Limited bending resistance: Brushing against other surfaces may cause the loss of fibers.

The types GF 6 to GF 55 are available as filter circles in various sizes. Other formats, sheets, rolls and special cuts are available.

You can find more information about our glass fiber filters here.

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