Fast forward for the daily lab routine with JEOL JMS-T2000GC

A new era of mass spectrometry: Welcome JEOL AccuTOF GC-Alpha! 7 ionization methods in just one instrument: EI, CI, PI, FI, FD, DIP, DEP, FD. Very flexible, stable and easy to operate. Automated unknows detection and determination: With 96% match, JEOL’s GC-Alpha sets a new benchmark.

Stop wrong hypotheses and uneconomic loops! Precise data without compromise is now.

Why operating different instruments to get valid data when one delivers the requested output fast and easily? Why switching between hard-/software,manually checking libraries, accepting bugs,iteration loops when there is an intelligent,integrated hard-software-package doing this job perfectly fine?

The JEOL AccuTOF GC-Alpha is your high-tech allrounder for mass spectroscopy with 7 ionization-methods and a 96% match. GC-Alpha shifts from 66% (using other methods,instruments) up to 96% matches in real experiments, keeping speed, usability, performance! Be amazed by easy, broad applications, tech specs AND automated analysis. Take it for biomedical, pharmaceutical, environmental issues! Enhance chemical or polymer researches! No longer doubt about substances in food,beverages, packaging, fragrances! Be aware of the workflow!

Don’t get trapped in high resolution figures only! When e.g. set to 50,000, you‘ll limit data acquisition speed and mass range(1:4). JEOL’s solution comes along with high sensitivity R=30k, mass accuracy standard of 1ppm,soft ionization AND automated information –no either or!

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