Excalibur HD FCP Measurement Cell

The exceptionally robust measuring cell for precise spectroscopic online measurements in real time of gases and liquids. In the chemical, petrochemical, paint & coatings and agricultural industries, process optimization is playing an increasingly important role in ensuring competitiveness.

For the sustainable success of manufacturing companies within these industries, it is therefore necessary to continuously improve existing manufacturing processes in terms of process reliability, product quality and cost reduction. These are drivers for close-meshed process monitoring and control using online analytics, especially spectroscopic methods.

However, process conditions are often adverse and require measuring components that are not only robust but also fit into the overall system. Support comes in the form of the »Excalibur HD FCP« measuring cell.


What makes the Excalibur HD FCP Measurement Cell from Hellma so unique:

  • Easy to integrate and compatible with all standard process spectrometers
  • Can be used in potentially explosive zones


With the Excalibur HD FCP Measurement Cell you will save time and money, because maintenance-related failures or downtimes are eliminated, due to:

  • Robust construction with metal seals
  • Use of sapphire optics
  • No wear parts

You want to know more?

Here you will find everything you need to know about the Excalibur HD FCP Measurement Cell from Hellma.

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