Efficient maintenance of single-use diaphragm valves

The Ingelfingen-based valve specialist GEMÜ has further developed his world's first single-use diaphragm valve GEMÜ SUMONDO. It now enables even faster and more efficient maintenance of single-use systems.

Thanks to the newly developed, innovative connection concept of the actuator and body, putting the actuator in the open position is sufficient for a safe valve function. Then the unit conveying the media, comprising the valve body and internally welded diaphragm, only has to be connected to the actuator via a clamp ring. The valve is ready for use and can be operated.

Should the unit conveying the media be replaced, it is sufficient to open the valve, undo the clamp ring again and put the actuator in the closed position. The components can then simply be disconnected from each other.

The unit conveying the media does not change with the new connection concept. Components in stock can consequently be reused without limitations.

The new connection concept is available with immediate effect as a pneumatic design (GEMÜ SU40 SUMONDO) or as a motorized version (GEMÜ SU60 SUMONDO).

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