Product Highlight

Ecoli NightSeq

Innovative new Sanger sequencing service in 1.5 ml tubes for plasmids. Drop your E. coli colonies into a Microsynth drop box, receive your result the next day before 2 pm and accelerate your research by one day.

 The Ecoli NightSeq® is a game-changing new service from Microsynth. By using this service you can save handling time in the lab and significantly reduce your expenditures on plasmid DNA purification kits by only isolating plasmids from clones showing the desired sequencing result. Instead of isolating the plasmid yourself, you can directly pick the colony and send it to Microsynth. The next day you already have your sequencing results. Now you can move on with the successful clones that you have incubated overnight. This way you save time and money on unnecessary isolations and, in addition, you accelerate your research by one full day. Further, beyond E. coli, other organisms (mainly gram-negative bacteria) or very low amounts of plasmid DNA (≥5 ng in 1 μl) can be used as input material.