Contract Research at Microsynth

Microsynth has considerable experience running many different research projects for its customers, including the development of new protocols.

Its successful projects in basic, preclinical, and clinical research range from one-month to multi-year projects. The solid track records in microbiology, genomics, molecular biology, and bioinformatics of Microsynth’s experienced researchers help its customers define the best strategy for addressing their research questions.
Microsynth offers a broad portfolio of validated techniques and protocols. Professional project management, high-throughput sample logistics, and close cooperation with customers ensure that every outsourced project is completed in a cost-efficient manner and on time. For typical applications covered by Microsynth, please see the list below.

Assay Development

  • Development of molecular biology assays (e.g. companion animal diagnostics, IVD, GMO, etc.)
  • Qualification and validation of molecular biology assays according to ICH guidelines
  • Cross-validation against a reference method

Biologics Testing

  • Contamination and impurity testing
  • Lot and final drug product release testing
  • Cell line characterization

Gene Editing / Gene Therapy

  • CRISPR editing analysis
  • rAAV characterization
  • Off-target analysis