Concerns When Deciding to Work with Asset Management Partner

The demands placed on biopharma labs to bring their products to market faster and more cost-effectively often make the hiring of an asset management partner a necessity. Scientists are currently spending more than 25 % of their workday maintaining complex instrumentation and compliance.

Having an onsite integrated service partner to handle day-to-day instrument maintenance can give back valuable time to your staff, leading to greater cost savings. 

But selecting an asset management partner is a tough decision and not one to be taken lightly. We want to ensure you have the answers you need to make an informed choice as you narrow your vendor shortlist. In this story, we’ll cover some of the common questions and concerns that might arise as you move forward in your evaluation of PerkinElmer OneSource® Asset Management Services offering.

Q: Why would I want to go with an integrated service provider to manage my assets from multiple vendors? 

A: A fragmented instrument service approach can negatively affect lab productivity, given the amount of time required to manage so many different OEM providers. 

With OneSource Asset Management Services, we save you time by offering one solution, one contact, and one contract. Rather than calling multiple vendors to handle service needs, you benefit from a proven system that consolidates all equipment maintenance activities with one trusted team that delivers a fast response. That means you’ll have a single dedicated point of contact to manage service, instrument qualification, and equipment calibration. 

What’s more, our analytical capabilities can provide real-time performance metrics to ensure your lab is operating efficiently.

Q: Why can’t my in-house IT team handle asset management for us instead?

A: IT services and asset management services are two very different things. Asset management is about managing complex, sensitive scientific instruments. IT is typically about handling the hardware and software that organizations use in their day-to-day activities. Most IT teams don’t know what the highly complex scientific instruments found in labs are, how they work, or what they are used for. In addition, many in-house IT teams don’t handle the computers that control these scientific instruments as they often run special software that’s specific to that instrument. They worry that if they mishandle the computer or instrument, valuable data could be lost. 

Because these instruments are so valuable and important to the work being performed in your labs, it just makes sense to work with skilled asset management professionals. 

Q: Will using an asset management services partner help us to reduce spending? 

A: Often, companies don’t have direct visibility into the total amount they’re spending annually on asset management. In many cases, labs might not have an accurate inventory of their assets or how often service takes place. Sometimes the initial concern when deciding to work with an outside partner is that it’s going to cost more. When companies go through the RFP process and start seeing the initial numbers, they’re typically surprised, because they might not have an accurate idea of what they’re actually spending. 

However, it’s important to remember the value you gain by working with an integrated asset management services partner. For one thing, you receive monthly reports that provide clear data and analytics that show exactly how much you’re spending on asset management. Being able to see this information allows you to better manage spending as well as improve on it. At PerkinElmer, we provide better, faster service with the convenience of a one-stop-shop. 

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