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Biomek and Echo Liquid Handler

Echo and Biomek i-Series integration allows you to leverage the non-contact, nanoliter, acoustic dispensing accuracy of the Echo Liquid Handler, with the larger volume transfers, optional HEPA filtration and on-deck device integration of the Biomek Automated Workstation for full workflow automation.

Biomek and Echo Integration

  • Low volume miniaturization and any-well to any-well dispensing of the Echo can save expensive reagents and precious samples.
  • Reduce user setup errors by starting runs using the Biomek Guided Labware Setup and DeckOptix Final Check to visually verify the consumables on the deck.
  • Visually map the on-deck plates to the Echo or allow the system to dynamically select the plates to load.
  • Schedule Biomek transfers and other device actions between Echo plate dispenses.
  • All Echo Applications Software features, source well volume and transfer data can be used in runs.

Regardless of your field of research, the Biomek and Echo, and the Beckman Coulter Life Sciences team can help in your current and future research solutions.

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