asecos G-LINE for the storage of gas

asecos G-LINE safety storage cabinets are used for the safe and unrestricted storage of compressed gas cylinders in working areas according to EN 14470-2 and TRGS 510.

The GS-tested safety storage cabinets G-LINE for the storage of pressurised gas cylinders in working areas according to EN 14470-2 and TRGS 510.

Maximum fire resistance: G-ULTIMATE-90 cabinets offer maximum safety when storing gas cylinders – 90 minutes fire resistance (Type G90). G-CLASSIC-30 gas cylinder cabinets convince due to proven technology and have a fire resistance of 30 minutes (Type G30).

Unique on the market: Gas cylinder cabinet with a 60 cm width for the storage of two 50 litre steel gas cylinders or two 40 litre aluminium gas cylinders with a diameter of 230 mm.

Excellent products with a special manufacturer warranty of up to 5 years.


Highlights of the G-LINE:

  • Maximum fire resistance of 90 minutes, type-tested in accordance with EN 14470-2
  • Optimal ventilation that complies with the standard
  • Protection against unauthorised access through lockable doors
  • Flexible pipe lead-throughs possibilities on the top of the cabinet
  • Comfortable adjusting possibilities to compensate for uneven floors
  • Up to 5 years manufacturer's guarantee


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