Arium® Smart Station - Water. Exactly Where You Need It

The Arium® Smart Station is designed for ergonomic and flexible dispensing at the highest quality standards. It can be optimized to your lab space and fits easily into any lab environment. Combine your Smart Station with the water system type you need to dispense pure or ultrapure water.

In many laboratories, space is at a premium. Especially when centralized laboratory water systems are required to dispense pure and ultrapure water for your applications. To maximize your lab space capabilities, you shouldn’t have to adapt your water system to the laboratory. The system should adapt to your needs.
In addition to being economical in terms of its footprint, flexibility in dispensing water is essential. Users need full control over quality parameters at the point of use and the ability to fill different sized containers at the same time across the lab.
The innovative and flexible Arium® Smart Station from Sartorius addresses all of these requirements. You can dispense water, in the exact quality and quantities required for your experiments, when and where you need it.

Experience the new Arium® Smart Station and simplify your daily use of lab water.

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