Product Highlight

Antisense Oligonucleotides for Early Drug Discovery

Several oligonucleotide-based drugs have been approved by regulatory agencies (e.g. FDA and EMEA) during the past two decades. Antisense and RNAi therapeutics are currently among the hottest topics in the world of research and development.

Antisense and RNAi therapeutics are forms of treatments that are clearly distinguished from traditional approaches such as the small molecule or antibody-based approaches. Since they can be directed against a broad variety of RNA targets (i.e. premRNA, mRNA, lncRNA, miRNA), they open the door to the treatment of a wide range of diseases, including those that are considered undruggable on the protein level. Microsynth is a well known oligo supplier with more than three decades of experience. We have developed technical capabilities and expertise that enable us to offer a portfolio of therapeutic oligonucleotides, which are especially suited for leveraging your early drug discovery program in this field.

Product Specifications and Services
Backbones and Modifications
DNA, RNA, 2’ MOE, 2’ OMe, LNA, PTO, 2’F, GalNAc, S-cEt1


  • RP HPLC (single and dual) 
  • Dialysis 

Quality Control and Documentation 

  • Online Trityl monitoring 
  • Analytical HPLC 
  • Various Certificates of Analysis

Available Products 

  • Antisense oligonucleotides (ASO) 
  • siRNA 
  • Anti-microRNA (AMO) 
  • Aptamers 
  • CpG oligonucleotides 

Getting Started with Microsynth
Our modular integrated synthesis process gives us the flexibility to accommodate your project at any stage of your discovery program. Please contact one of our project managers to discuss your personal program and needs. Our dedicated experts will then create a customized project proposal and timing schedule for you that we are confident will meet your expectations.