Advancements in Cell Culture Automation with BioProfile FLEX

The BioProfile FLEX2 On-Line Autosampler (OLS) is a modular system that connects as many as 10 bioreactors to a FLEX2 analyzer for automated sampling and analysis of key cell culture analytes including pH, gases, metabolites, osmometry, cell density, and cell viability.

BioProfile FLEX2 - Key Design Attributes:


Standard Modules:

  • Glu, Lac, Gln, Glu, NH+, Na+, K+, Ca++, 
    pH, PCO2, PO2

Optional Modules:

  • Total cell density, viable cell density, viability, cell Diameter
  • Osmolality

Fast analysis time with small sample volume

  • Only 265 µL sample volume for a full 16-tests profile
  • Test results for the complete menu incl. CDV, pH, gases & key chemistries are available in 4.5 minutes

Multiple Sampling Options:

  • 96-well plates
  • 24-position load and go tray
  • Manual / Syringe 
  • On-Line Autosampling System
  • Retain Sampling Module 


... and now with the new On-Line Autosampling Module! 

For more information watch our 35 minutes On-Demand Webinar: Fully Automated Sampling & Analysis - FLEX2 On-Line Autosampler, or contact Evgueni Voronkov, Sales Manager Biotech: 

Phone: 078 900 91 92



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