A2S Standards: Organic Certified Reference Materials - CRMs

Founded in 2011, A2S quickly became a leading manufacturer of CRMs in Europe and around the world A2S strives to satisfy customers’ requirements with the highest quality products (more than 95% of the products exceed 97% purity). The product line has grown to include over 9,000 Reference Standards.

A2S Standards - Organic Certified Reference Materials - CRMs 

Analytical Standard Solutions, under the A2S brand, offers a wide range of products: PCB congeners, petroleum hydrocarbon standards for the petrochemical industry, pesticide standards, FAME, vitamin standards for food analysis, and many more. More than 9 000 references are in stock and available within a couple of days.

The catalogue is increasing each day as a result of new requests from customers. To be as responsive as possible to the customers’ needs, A2S has set up a large network of suppliers, giving the opportunity to get original products at high purity levels.

A2S is using also the brands ntox for toxin standards and PharmA2S for pharmaceutical standards.

Standards from A2S are sorted in three families:  

NEAT products
​​A2S has chosen to offer molecules in unusual quantities. Whilst products are mostly proposed in 100 or 250mg, A2S also offers smaller packaging such as 1mg, 10mg and 25mg with a free exact weight. This exact mass is specified in the COA, and gives you the opportunity to create your own highly concentrated solution ready to be diluted. No waste or stock of raw material, you gain time and safety.

Single products in SOLUTION
​In order to be as close as possible to the customers' requirements, the A2S team has developed a procedure for preparing solutions that follow the steps - including control - that customers adhere to themselves. The products are scaled (several times), diluted in solution, analyzed, compared to reference standards and then the final product is conditioned. At this moment, the final analysis takes place. After validation, the COA is linked to these results including spectral information.

A2S custom mixtures are a central and crucial element of business. Their production follows long phases of internal improvement and development. On this basis, Analytical Standard Solutions has to deploy all the human and technical resources that are necessary to achieve the highest levels of certainty possible when manufacturing complex mixtures. A qualified team, perfectly controlled equipment, and powerful analytical instruments (LC-MS, LC-DAD-FLD, GC-FID, GC-MS…) are the key elements required for perfect mixtures. For maximum certainty, each mixture is made twice. Two different batches are controlled, compared and all peaks are identified with the utmost rigor.

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