50 years of environmental simulation and containment solutio

Since 1971, Weiss Technik AG in Switzerland has stands for sophisticated solutions in environmental simulation and air conditioning technology as well as outstanding service, and has thus been making its contribution to a safe future for over 50 years.

Davos on 4 March 1971, 11:30 am:
Karl Weiss opens the first branch, the "Karl Weiss AG" at 
one of the most beautiful vacation destinations in Switzerland. The entry
in the commercial register read: "The purpose of the company is the manufacture as well as the brokerage of and trade in air-conditioning test systems, special air-conditioning rooms as well as room air-conditioning units, systems and measuring technology." Core competences that have been constantly developed and oriented to customer needs until today.

On December 20, 1979, the company headquarters was moved to Kilchberg, a villa on the shores of Lake Zurich, and the company name was changed to "Weiss Technik AG". Since February 2006, Weiss Technik AG is now located in Altendorf/SZ, again with a view of Lake Zurich. Locally anchored with global reach. As a subsidiary of Weiss Umwelttechnik GmbH in Germany, Weiss Technik AG is part of the globally active Schunk technology group with over 9,100 employees and annual sales of over CHF 1.4 billion.

Testing technology makes products safer
Environmental, climate, thermal and pharmaceutical technology - there is almost no industry or area of life in which weisstechnik is not directly or indirectly active, helping to make the world a safer, more stable and more predictable place.

Devices and systems for environmental simulation support companies in the development of safe products. After all, these often have to function reliably for years under extreme conditions, such as batteries or airbags. The aerospace and medical technology industries also rely on our many years of expertise for tests such as stability tests for medicines.

Our product portfolio includes high-quality environmental simulation systems as well as walk-in and drive-in climatic test chambers that can be used to simulate almost any climatic conditions. Whether temperature, climate, vibration, corrosion, emission, altitude, pressure or combined stress testing: weisstechnik offers the right solution.

Reliable climatic conditions
The Corona pandemic shows how important clean air is. Special 
air conditioning units from weisstechnik free the air from bacteria and 
viruses. They are used in hospitals and operating rooms. In the future, they will also become important in waiting rooms and public buildings.

Weisstechnik also has a wealth of experience in the construction of 
cleanrooms in production, for example of foodstuffs: Microwave disinfection chambers, for example, reliably kill bacteria. Fuel temperature control systems and solutions for the reliable air-conditioning of plant growth cabinets as well as operating theater, kitchen and crew tents in the defense sector are further examples that will become even more important in the future.

Further focal points are to be found in the technically demanding 
cleanroom and containment solutions. The product range 
includes barrier systems, cradle and transfer booths, sample pull booths, laminar flow systems, safety cabinets, isolators and lock systems, right through to the design and assembly of entire cleanrooms. The diverse and individually adapted solutions are used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, foodstuffs, medical technology and electronics industries, as well as by research institutes and laboratories.

Process safety protects people and products
Solutions from weisstechnik also improve safety in production. 
air ducting systems, for example, prevent employees from 
Air ducting systems, for example, prevent employees from coming into contact with harmful substances, and extraction systems prevent contact with hot process vapors. In heating technology, we build reliable industrial furnaces. For example, a 400 °C unit the size of a semi-detached house is in use in the aerospace industry, supporting tests to harden lightweight construction products for the Ariane 6 booster, while the 40-meter-high DSA3 deep space antenna at the foot of the Argentine Andes uses our cooling systems. They are designed redundantly for fail-safety. In the field of industrial heating technology, heating and 
drying ovens, industrial ovens, clean room dryers, hot air sterilizers, vacuum dryers, infrared and continuous ovens as well as the trend-setting microwave technology are developed, planned and produced.

There for you - even in difficult times
A motivated consulting team supports customers in their decisions and provides competent after-sales service. With guaranteed spare parts and a dense service network, short response times are achieved and ensure maximum reliability even in sensitive business areas. In addition, there is a rental and used equipment service as well as the possibility to use environmental simulation equipment for testing own products in our service center.

The weisstechnik Academy offers digital learning platforms for self-study, webinars 
self-study, webinars and live online trainings as well as face-to-face trainings at Weiss or in-house at customer sites. The current topics and dates can be found on the weisstechnik homepage.

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