-86°C Harris freezer: fast & eco-friendly cooling

The new -86°C HAHL858S freezer is one of the manufacturer's first freezers to use K6-compliant natural refrigerant gases, making it especially eco-friendly.

Performance characteristics:

  • Natural K6 conform refrigerant gases
  • 2 compressors in parallel
  • Temperatur range -40°C - -86°C
  • Volume: 528 liters
  • Capacity for 400 2" Boxes
  • Interior steel made
  • 2 Inner doors
  • 3 Shelves + ground floor
  • Tochscreen monitor control
  • With temperatur recording included
  •  Weight 336 Kg
  • 4 wheels standing
  • Power consumption 10.785 KW/24hrs (at -80°C)

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