Wednesday, 20 October 2021
2nd Green & Sustainable Chemistry Day

We are convinced that sustainable chemistry will inspire a change of pace and the new mind-set that society needs in order to become more sustainable, smart and inclusive. 

The Swiss Green & Sustainable Chemistry Days 2021 will focus on sustainable solutions to society’s big challenges and the contributions that chemical sciences can and must provide.

Focus Topic: Renewable Feedstock and Biomass Valorization

Join us for us this one-day event at ILMAC Basel, free of charge and designed for interacting and connecting with experts in the field of Renewable Feedstock and Biomass Valorization.


Use the Vaucher Code for a free ticket: scs-ilmac21


Program, 20 October 2021


Welcome Coffee at the SCS Booth next to the ILMAC Forum

Morning Session








Ludo Diels, University of Antwerp
«New value chains from renewable resources: bioaromatics a basis for circular biomaterials»

Regina Palkovitz, RWTH Aachen University
«Biomass based platform chemical - Promising value chains and major challenges»

Jason Camp, CIRCA
«Levoglucosenone – A sustainable platform chemical from waste biomass»

Walter Leitner, Max Planck Institut for Energy Conversion, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany
«Any Colour you Like: Multifunctional Catalysts for Selective Activation and Transfer of Hydrogen in Green Chemistry Applications»

Ignaz Höhlein, Clariant
«Clariant sunliquid®  - bringing commercial cellulosic ethanol to the market»

Katalin Barta, University of Graz
«Cleave and couple: embracing complexity in renewable resources»




Roundtables e.g. 6 Tables with experts

Afternoon Session













Opening of the afternoon session. Introduction to the Swiss CleanTech Award

Swiss Clean Tech Award Lectures 2021 (4x10min)
Scott R. Docherty, ETH Zürich
«Bimetallic Palladium-Gallium Catalysts for the Hydrogenation of CO2 to Methanol»

Ahmed Elabd, University of Fribourg
«Functional Mechanically Interlocked Polymers for Stabilizing High Energy Density Batteries»

Selina K. Kaiser, ETH Zürich
«Nanostructured Catalysts for Sustainable Acetylene-Based Vinyl Chloride Production»

Wooseok Yang, University of Zürich
«Conversion of solar energy into a vector suitable for storage using Sb2Se3»

Florent Héroguel, Bloom
«Aldehyde-Assisted Fractionation (AAF) enables high yield and selective production of sustainable functional ingredients from biomass»

Victor Mougel, ETH Zurich
«Bio-inspired strategies across multiple scales: application to overall CO2 reduction»


Short break



Ceremony Swiss CleanTech Award 2021 (supported by Clariant)
Dr. Martin Volmer, CTO Clariant AG

"Green & Sustainable Chemistry Award Lecture 2021"
Francesca Paradisi, University of Bern
«Harnessing biocatalysis for sustainable synthetic processes»


SusChem Soirée (aperitif and networking)


Michael Carus, Co-Founder of the Renewable Carbon Initiative, Nova-Institut, Germany
«Renewable Carbon Concept and Initiative for a Sustainable Chemical Industry of the Future»

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