A specifically tailored search system for the ILMAC community
At a time when people are working from home, one question that has become more pressing than ever is: How can the customer readily find my products and services in the internet? A simple Google search will frequently return too many results and necessitate a fairly long search in the web. This is why a state-of-the-art search system tailored to the chemical and life science sector is required.
We have thus set up “ILMACsearch” for this purpose. Customers can use this to conduct a comprehensive search for products and services in the field covered by our ILMAC exhibitors. Hence, a search for “mass spectroscopy” will return the latest models and technically relevant information from the ILMAC exhibitors’ wealth of knowledge.

How does this work in practice?
A search looks through two channels at one and the same time. The exhibitor hits contain results from an exhibitor domain search using Google Custom Search (CSE) and from the internal search system for the manufacturers’ websites, where these are available. The two results can then be compared at a glance.