Swiss Armed Forces Culinary Team / Cooks' Training Corps

In both the laboratory and the kitchen, physical and chemical changes take place that have a major impact on the ingredients and their aggregate state.

The topic of "Science and innovation in the kitchen" is gaining importance for both cooks and catering officials in the Swiss Army. Cooking, baking and other cooking processes call for a certain amount of knowledge of chemical and physical processes.

Armed forces have frequently been pioneers in the development and use of new technologies. In the catering field too, a number of fundamental achievements and inventions can be attributed to armies. Trade fair visitors will have the history of catering for troops explained and demonstrated to them in a simple manner, showing how things were earlier, how they are today and what will be happening in future:

  • The tin can: an invention from times when wars were being waged which is staging a come-back now. Food tastings: knuckle of veal, mashed potatoes, gremolata
  • Low-temperature cooking: how things have developed from peasants' stews, via the army's cooking box right through to the current method of cooking sous vide. Food tastings: fillet of salmon trout with fennel, potatoes and citrus fruit
  • Use of gases in the kitchen: production of ice cream with liquid nitrogen. Food tastings: pine-shoot ice

Experience the Cooks Training Corps live, as they work, and try their delicious tasting portions.