ILMAC Drug Party

Wednesday, 21 September 2016
19:00 – 21:00, Hall 1, Foyer Nord, Gallery

As a token of thanks to you, your employees and your customers and visitors, we extend a warm welcome to the ILMAC Drug Party as of 19:00.

Bring your day at the exhibition to a close with us. The Basel pop act LEXS will be generating good vibes. Look forward to the happy sound of the duo with singer and guitarist Bene and drummer Martin. The fine food will be coming from the military kitchen of the Swiss Armed Forces Culinary Team. And, as an added bonus, we will be surprising you with Martin Brand's Mobile Cocktail Bar.

Choose between our fancy ILMAC Cocktails of 4.0, Speed or LSD and raise your glasses with us: to successful business, good health and a happy life.


PS: CU@ILMAC Party – no registration required