Thursday, 5th October 2017

«Challenges in Life Sciences»

Life Sciences brings society hopes and development. The World Economic Forum Handbook on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (2017) concludes the profound changes that new technologies in life sciences will entail for businesses and of the cascading effects these changes may have on the global risk landscape. Life Sciences Technological and Processes change deepens and accelerates, and as we become more aware of the lagged societal, political and even geopolitical impact of earlier waves of innovation, the overall consensus is broadly optimistic about the balance of technological risks and benefits for this market.

Consequently, Life Sciences companies, research and academic institutions are facing very complex challenges in various technological, scientific, industrial and market areas. Only a competitive, performing, innovating and collaborative ecosystem will encompass the development of the industry to the upmost benefit of people and the society.

On October 5th, ILMAC LAUSANNE will address in collaboration with BioAlps Life Sciences Cluster Western Switzerland and Inartis Foundation some of the challenges aiming at better industry governance within two sessions and 4 keynotes each.

Morning session will be focusing on the technological and industrial-related challenges and solutions

  1. Disposable production
  2. Engineering solutions for personalized medicine
  3. Process analytics
  4. New technologies and manufacturing process in life sciences

Afternoon session will cover some business and market related challenges and solutions

  1. Intellectual Proprietary issues in Life sciences
  2. Regulatory and Reimbursement
  3. Marketing innovative MedTech products
  4. Going international: challenges for Life Sciences industries

Specialists and experts from Western Switzerland Life Sciences will present key issues in a factual way.