Participation in the fair

NB: Please note the special contract terms!



Why take part?

Since 1959, ILMAC has been the sole Swiss industry fair for chemicals and life sciences that depicts all the industrial applications in process and laboratory technology. As a user-oriented trade fair, ILMAC is geared to experts in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, biotechnology, food, drinks, cosmetics and others (see illustration below). Despite this wide range of sectors, ILMAC is still of particularly manageable proportions (it can be visited in a single day), is close to hand (staged in the midst of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries) and depicts the Swiss market in its entirety.

Prices & conditions

Stand area prices

9 to 25 m² CHF 266/m²
25,1 to 80 m² CHF 256/m²
as of 80,1 m² any additional floor space is free of charge!

The booths in first row are binded to an additional booking of advertising.

Calculate the cost of your stand and register for ILMAC 2021 here!

Supplements for open sides

2 open sides + 22 %
3 open sides + 24 %
4 open sides + 26 %

Multi-storey stands:
Area as of the 1st floor 60% of basic stand area price


Participation as a co-exhibitor

Including compulsory Basic Media Package, guide.ilmac
1st Co-exhibitor CHF 1,440
2nd Co-exhibitor CHF 2,700
Each additional co-exhibitor  
free of charge

Calculate the cost of your stand and register for ILMAC 2021 here!

Accompanying events 

Factsheet Cleanroom Control

Factsheet Maintenance (DE)

Calculate the cost of your stand and register for ILMAC 2021 here!

System stands (prices excl. floor space)

"Eco Plus" System Stand, as of 9 m², 1 open side
CHF 178/m²
"Wall" System Stand, recommended minimum size 12 m², 1 open side
CHF 219/m²
All-In Stand Package, as of 9 m²  
(incl. floor space + services)
additional square meters at CHF 449/m²
CHF 4,970

"Exclusiv" system
CHF 64,000

ILMAC Factsheet Stand: EcoPlus
ILMAC Factsheet Stand: Wall
ILMAC Factsheet Stand: All-in-one
ILMAC system: Exclusiv
Factsheet Customising options (Syma)

Calculate the cost of your stand and register for ILMAC 2021 here!

Bespoke stand

To make everything as easy as possible for you, our partner take charge of coordinating and handling the construction of your bespoke stand. You thus get everything from a single source. Please contact us.


As of April 2021, you can order services, furniture and installations conveniently and rapidly at any time via m-manager. You can also modify your orders and configure your stand there.


guide.ilmac advertising packages (exhibitor and product directory)

Compulsory Basic Media Package
CHF 790
Supplementary Package

plus CHF 940
Logo Package

plus CHF 2,040
CHF 2,990

Advertising options

ILMAC Factsheet Advertising options

Admission prices

Day ticket for entry to the fair (incl. VAT) CHF 30
Vouchers for admission tickets free of charge
Redeemed vouchers free of charge

Conditions of participation

The provisions of the Exhibitor Regulations and the General Regulations of MCH Swiss Exhibition (Basel) Ltd. apply to ILMAC.

ILMAC Exhibitor regulations
General Regulations of MCH Swiss Exhibition (Basel) Ltd.

Hall overview 2019

You will find the current hall plan here:

(Status 09.09.2019)

Exhibition planner

      With the six steps to your trade fair success

      Our Exhibition Planner sets out the key steps to success for you.

Step 1 – Introduction to the exhibition planner

Date – Dispatch: May 2021

Book your stay in Basel at an early stage and ensure you have an overview of all the key details.

Step 2 – Stand construction & fittings

Date – Dispatch: June 2021

Make sure that you have ordered all the key connections. We will naturally support you with you stand concept too, including the furnishings, lighting and event technology.

Step 3 – Visitor marketing & Media work

Date – Dispatch: July 2021

The ILMAC visitor campaign (print and online) is starting in July. Benefit from our know-how and use our advertising materials and media addresses for your visitor advertising.

Step 4 – Event & Highlights

Date – Dispatch: August 2021

We will be informing you of the Forum programme and the highlights at ILMAC 2021.

Step 5 – Organisation & Logistics

Date – Dispatch: September 2021

Save costs and time: plan the time slots for your assembly and dismantling and order parking spaces, storage space and logistics services.

Step 6 – The final spurt

Date – Dispatch: October 2021

The final items of key information, including access plans and telephone numbers, etc.

ILMAC 2021

19.-21.10.2021 | Messe Basel



ILMAC 2021

Exhibitor Brochure ILMAC 2021

Exhibitor contract

Download the registration form for ILMAC 2021 here.


Stand Construction Guidelines, Stand Design Guidelines, Information concerning stand construction.

Dates assembling and clearing stands

MCH Swiss Exhibition (Basel) Ltd.

Before the exhibition

Assembling the stands:


 Hall 1.0
  Th  14.10.2021  07.00-22.00 h
    Fr  15.10.2021  07.00-22.00 h
    Sa  16.10.2021  07.00-20.00 h
    Su*  17.10.2021
 08.00-18.00 h
    Mo**  18.10.2021  07.00-22.00 h
Systems stands available from
  Mo**  18.10.2021  09.00 h


During the exhibition

Duration of exhibition:


 19.10.2021  09.00-17.00 h
 20.10.2021  09.00-18.30 h
    Th  21.10.2021  09.00-17.00 h

Exhibitors with exhibitors tickets may enter halls one hour before the exhibition opens.

During the official opening hours for visitors the stands must be taken.

After the exhibition

Clearing the stands:


 21.10.2021  17.00-22.00 h
    Fr  22.10.2021  07.00-20.00 h
 23.10.2021  07.00-20.00 h
    Su*  24.10.2021  08.00-18.00 h
 Systems stands cleared by:
  Fr  22.10.2021  17.00 h

*  Excluding goods handling (heavy vehicles driving ban)

** Gangways must be cleared by 12.00h noon (for the gangway carpets to be laid).

The exhibition Management reserves the right to change the dates for assembling/clearing the stands at short notice
(written communication to exhibitors).


You will find all the information on the Forum here!