Step 2: Stand construction & Fittings

Stand construction & Fittings

It is your stand that will be showcasing your company at the fair. Make sure that you observe all the guidelines. We will gladly assist you with this.

Stand structure

if more than 4m high and/or larger than 80m2 a sketch of your stand must be submitted to by 30 June 2016 for checking.

please ask Techoffice ( or 058 206 34 34) for a ceiling grid plan for your stand so that you can submit the request for your suspension points. It is mandatory to specify the overall load and the load per suspension point, since this provides the basis for liability. You will find more information in m-manager under Order/Exhibition stands+fittings/ceiling loads.

stand construction

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NEW: All-in logistics package

The exhibition site in the heart of Basel has many advantages but does constitute a challenge when it comes to making deliveries. Take up our new offer and save a great deal of time and effort.

With the all-in logistics package, we collect your goods from anywhere in Switzerland and transport them directly to your stand position.

Further information

Maximise your visibility through on-the-spot advertising

Stand out from amongst the crowd and secure additional presence at ILMAC with our advertising options.

Are you familiar with AIDA?

The AIDA formula is still applied effectively in advertising and sales. The acronym AIDA stands for Attention (attracting attention), Interest (arousing interest in the product), Desire (generating desire) and Action (triggering action). Stage a special product presentation on your stand, putting your product in the spotlight. And if you let us know what you will be doing when and where, we will be pleased to include your product presentation in our event calendar/event planner.