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Levoglucosenone: A sustainable platform chemical from...

Title:«Levoglucosenone: A sustainable platform chemical from waste biomass» Dr. Jason E. Camp, Chief Technology Officer, Circa Group Ltd, 30 Flemington Road , Parkville VIC 3052, Australia,

Circa Group have developed a process for the large-scale conversion of waste cellulose to the bio-privileged molecule levoglucosenone (LGO). This chiral building block has been converted via well-established chemical processes into previously difficult-to-synthesize building blocks such as enantiopure butenolides, dihydropyrans, substituted cyclopropanes, deoxy-sugars and ribonolactones (key scaffolds for COVID-19 drugs; Figure 1). LGO derivatives are used to make a variety of important products including; polymers/plasticiser, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and flavours/fragrances. In addition, LGO can be converted into the dipolar aprotic solvent Cyrene™, which has found utility in a variety of different applications in which alternatives to the standard toxic compounds, such as NMP, DMF and DCM, are required. The synthesis, reactivity and utility of LGO derivatives, including Cyrene™, will be presented.



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For an overview on the reactivity of levoglucosenone, see:


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