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«Development of electrosynthesis capabilities in an...»

Titel: «Development of electrosynthesis capabilities in an industrial setting» - Chris Scarborough and Matthias Lehmann, Syngenta Crop Protection chris.scarborough@syngenta.com, matthias.lehmann@syngenta.com

In an industrial setting, projects are fertile soil for the evaluation and implementation of new technologies. If a new technology can deliver business value within the needs of one project, that technology is in strong position to become integrated into regular research workflows, thereby impacting more projects. And such impact on projects provides justification to further develop the technology, thus providing ample opportunity for curious scientists to apply themselves in new and interesting scientific areas. Our development of an electrosynthesis platform at Syngenta has occurred within such a context. 

In this contribution, we will specifically focus on how building an electrosynthesis platform ultimately led to the development of an electrosynthesis flow cell designed for improved translation to the higher volumes encountered in development and manufacturing. In our experience, translating electrochemical results to larger scales, which often involves significant changes to the equipment used, was a major barrier to trust in, and therefore adoption of, electrosynthesis within Syngenta. This challenge drove us to develop an electrosynthesis flow cell where research-scale reaction development and optimization is run under conditions that better reflect large-scale electrosynthesis than was possible with commercially available equipment, and the development of this flow cell will be the main focus of this presentation.


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